Friday, January 22, 2010

Gotta make some scrilla, killa

In order to come up, you need to own/start your own business.

Being an employee sucks. Not only do you have to do menial and tedious work day in and day out, but all the hard work and effort you put into your job is basically going to benefit your boss. I mean sure you'll get verbal praise on a job well done, or you may even get lucky enough to earn an insignificant raise on your already lowly salary, so that your boss will make your 4 years at a nationally ranked university seem worthwhile.

Every person's job is pretty significant to them. After finishing school, most people spend the majority of their adult lives at their workplace. Work is many times the center of people's conversations, and some individuals go as far as letting their lives be defined by their career. So while each individual person holds their job as something important or meaningful, to the employers, employees are just another cost.

When someone starts a business, lets say a sushi restaurant, do you think the owner is really thinking, "Hey, i want to hire a sushi chef, so that I can provide for him a meaningful job and a ways for him to provide for himself and his family." ? I doubttt it. Basically, the owner just needs a way for the fresh fish to come from the fish delivery trucks to the chopsticks of his paying customers. So employers just hire somebody to bring that service. Alongside rent, utilites, replacing outdated equipment, and buying new supplies, employees are just another cut to the boss's profit margin.

And im not saying that business owners/bosses are cruel and incompassionate monsters driven soley to make a buck, but i do believe that the primary reason for people to own or start a business is to make some monies.

Anyways my point is.......who wants to start a business with me? loll

Or who has an idea of an invention??

I mean there has been some crazy inventions that has made millions of dollars. I heard of this guy who sold pet rocks. He packaged it in a cardboard house, filled with grass and other amenities that a pet rock needs. He also put in like a pet rock owner's guide, that said jiral like, "this pet will never disobey you. this pet never needs to be fed, and never needs to be cleaned. this pet will never die on you. All it needs is your love and it will love you right back. " wow, this guy was either an autistic 5th grade PE teacher or simply a genius. Since he sold over five million pet rocks in a 6 month period, making him a multimillionaire, he's a genius in my book.


And another invention that sold like crez was the snuggie. I remember when i first saw that thing, i was gona throw my dog through the tv screen. "A Blanket with sleeves"?????? I think something like that was already invented. its called a jacket. Anyways, i thought the snuggie would be ultimate fail, but it sold millions already. MILLIONS! I mean i guess they got lucky. Cause i really believe that alot of people bought the snuggie, not out of pure functionality, but because it was so strange/wierd/cultish that they just bought it for 14.99 at walmart. Its more of a novelty item i guess? i dont think anyone expects to be taken seriously if they're "wearing" a blanet. So in a way it's like the perfect gift that would make people laugh, which is probably why i think every white elephant/gift exchange this year included a snuggie. and you know that make snuggies for DOGS NOW?!

btw do people read this blog?

if u have a good idea for a business startup/invention please leave it as a comment, so i can steal your idea. except for eugenia, i dont want to hear anymore of your ideas.

You know what's better than a snuggie? A Onesie. I'll cheers to that.

This is my sg.
Sparks, jinsu, and joe

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