Monday, January 18, 2010

Its Raining.

As i get older, i'm appreciating food more and more.

When i was in elementary school, I was hyperactive. There were too many things for me to do (ie. ride bikes, go swimming, read books, beat up my sister, go to chuckecheese). And since there were too many fun things to do, eating food was the LAST thing on my mind. I remember i didn't even like wasting time to go to the restroom, so i would try to hold my poo/pee until my large intestine was about to implode like a dying star.

I don't know if every asian culture heavily encourages children to eat alot, but i know that korean parents love kids that eat alot, or maybe they just dislike kids who eat a little and waste food. So as i was going into the 6th grade, i just remember trying to be less picky with food and trying to eat larger quantities of food to appease my parents. I clearly remember that the first thing i changed was not to remove all the vegetables from hamburgers. Like if someone gave me a whopper/bigmac when i was little, i would take like 5 minutes removing any foreign substance from the burger except the meat, buns, and ketchup. So it was a big step for me to eat all the other crap they put into hamburgers like lettuce and tomatoes.

long story short, i began to eat more and more until i got fat and self conscious. I remember i wore like sz 32 anchor blue jeans in 8th grade. HOlyy i was fat. Luckily i got stressed out about life/my future in my sophomore year of highschool and lost weight.

wow. that was a long tangent. anyways now that im in college, i appreciate food more. If you live at home, your parents usually provide 2-3 square meals complete with banchan and fruit for dessert. but it's not uncommon for me to eat a box of cereal for dinner in college. So i guess i just began to appreciate cooked(not microwaved) food more and more.

Another thing good about food is that it can be an event itself. whether it be cooking, finding a new spot to eat at, or eating at spots you always go to. i saw princess and the frog, which was btw one of the worst disney movies to come out in a while (everything from the plot to the music was mediocre at best). In the movie, the dad of the main character said, "You know the thing about good food – it brings people together.” Word.

i dont know why i wrote this post. but i told myself i would try to blog more.
And what would be a AndrewParkPhotography post be without pictures?

Chicken with butter/garlic/oliveoil/basil pasta
I made the pasta and garnished the plate myself. call me iron chef?

Regents Pizzeria - Chicago Style Popeye - Spinach/artichoke hearts/and like 3 different cheeses baked into a deep dish pizza pie.

Eumi's Raspberry Cupcakes - the topping was so good. Whipping Cream with a little sugar mixed with raspberries. moneyy

The view from my room. At first i hated my view, cause it was just of the street and it was noisy as hail. But i realized its better than the view of some random hallway or something. I like how the street looks glossy after it rains.

peace outside.
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  1. I don't know if you appreciate food, but boyyyyy you can eat.
    I remember the first time meeting you at STSM2K8 training, and was so annoyed with the fact that you would be done with your meal waiting for seconds when people did not even get their first plate of food. AHAHAHAHHA but awesome. but really, Boy you sure can eat! HAHA