Saturday, March 27, 2010


I EFFED up my ankle last night.

I was playing ball at biola university, and i basically landed on my ankle after shooting a jump shot.

All i heard was "krrrrrch" (thats supposed to be a crunching sound. kinda like a mix between cracking knuckles and chewing on celery). And then after mumbling some unforgivable things and rolling around the floor in pain, i decided to head home.

When i got home, my foot looked like this:


Yes, that is a hardboiled egg inside my ankle.

So i went online and first googled, "ankle sprain vs broken ankle" (i google EVERYTHING)
i read online, that if your ankle breaks and you don't get it treated asap, the bone can start to heal in the wrong places, and the doctor has to rebreak your ankle and set it correctly. sick. i dont know who has it worse, the doctor who has to rebreak the ankle or the patient who has to endure that.

anyways, after being convinced that my ankle wasnt broken, i googled "ankle sprain treatment"
Every site basically had the same advice, which was "RICE":

However on one site, someone had a testimony on the wondrous effects of acupuncture.

I sprained my ankle really bad before, and acupuncture seemed to expedite the healing process, i decided to get acupuncture. My dad's shopping center also has an acupuncturist's office so i just decided to give that place a shot.

When i arrived there, i found out that the doctors were all professors at the acupuncture college in LA and anaheim. So after getting poked with the needles, i asked the doctor, "How does acupuncture work?"

He responded in broken english that the human body has energy flowing in "energy channels/lines" up and down the body. He responded that different parts of the body were connected, while other parts of the body are not on the same line of the body. He said that the goal of acupuncture is to channel the areas of good energy (the undamaged parts of the body) to go to the damaged part of the body. This explains why the doctor stuck needles in other parts of my body than the sprained ankle.

i dont know if i completely believe what he had to say, but i mean people have been doing this for 4000+ years, and my ankle does seem to be getting exponentially better, from a 15 minute session of needle therapy. So i guess i'm a believer. Thank you acupuncture. and thank you God for the healing.

yay for handicappededness

ps. i was walking around crutches at a niko niko near my house, and these 3 girls came up to me and asked if they could pray for my foot. I found out that one of them goes to UCSD and is involved with the origins club on campus. God is cool.


  1. my bone had to be re-broken hahahaha
    and i still don't know whether acupuncture is true or not.....interesting.....

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  3. Sorry repost:
    Apparently with acupuncture, it has to do with gate control theory of pain. There are thin fibers and thick fibers. Everytime you feel pain, they help disinhibit the pain pathway, opening the "gate" and causing pain. But thick fibers excite inhibitory cells (less pain) and thin fibers excite excitatory cells (more pain). so that's why we get massages, acupuncture, blah blah, so that we can stimulate the thick fibers more and feel less pain.

    Yay for Bild 2!