Thursday, March 25, 2010

Barnes and Noble

Just got back from camping trip.
I am tired.
Twas a fun trip.

Anyways, my brother is REALLY into rubicks cubes. Yes. Plural. Cubes. He has like 8. He has like 3 traditional 3x3 cubes. Two 5x5 cubes, a rubicks cube keychain, a 2x2 cube, a rubicks pyramid, and some other wierdly shaped movable blocks.

But he still wasn't able to find a legit 4x4 cube, so i took him down to the Orange barnes and noble, which was was the closest place that had the cube in stock. We bought it, and within 1 hour of playing with it, he decided to break open the cube to lubricate the revolving mechanism and ended up snapping off a piece of the cube.

So i had to go and exchange the cube for him, so i went back to barnes and noble to get another one. I figured i was already at barnes and noble, so i just decided to kill a couple hours there. I skimmed through a couple magazines and headed to the book shelves in the main area of the store. I passed through the "Business" section of the store and was pretty shocked to find that more than half of the Business section was about twitter/facebook/myspace/google/blogs/etc. The internet is really changing the world. Our generation basically had the internet readily available since we were in jr high.

But, in a way the internet is a fairly new invention, and its still evolving and enhancing constantly. The way businesses are going to be run in the future is going to rely heavily on the internet, especially social networking sites. The world is changing, and unless we evolve, we die.

I also thought about facebook and aim. I always associated these things with teenagers or young young adults. Do you think people will still regularly be on aim in their thirties/forties? It's weird. Our parents think that aim and facebook are time-wasters and childish. But when we become parents, will our perception of these social networking tools change, or will we still be writing on each others walls when we're 50? dang imagine when people are like fifty, and they have like 30,000 tagged pictures. Hopefully andrewparkphotography will be still be alive and kicking then.


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