Friday, July 23, 2010

A Day in the Life of __________.

My Grandpa is a scholar.

That's my Gramps (right) and that's Go.

All he does is read, play GO, and water our grass/plants(even though we have automatic sprinklers). And when i was little, I would always go to my grandparents place and there wasn't much to do. So sometimes i would wander into my grandpa's office and meander through his shelves and cabinets full of books. A third of his books were in korean, and another 1/3 was old encyclopedia-looking books about history or other boring and useless stuff, like woman's rights. But a good amount of books were giant oversized picture/photojournalism type of books that had giant pictures and little captions/comments on each page. I spent alot of time flipping through these kinds of books and my favorite ones were the books filled with pictures of people.

I started taking pictures in my senior year of highschool, but i guess i was always really intrigued and interested in photographs. Especially people photography.
I wish Snsd let me be their official photographer. i call taeyeon.

Nature, architecture, and landscapes are kind of cool to look at too, but after looking at like 15-20 pictures of non-human pictures, it starts to get a little boring. I guess that's why I mostly take pictures of people, because people photography is always so dynamic and really captures the different emotions and special moments that no inanimate object can replicate.
See, if i took a picture of some random tree or a building, it wouldn't make you as happy as seeing these boys steal panda express receipts from the trash to get a free entree.

This picture is kinda cool i guess. But.....

isn't it so much more fun/better/interesting with people in the picture?

with people, every picture kinda turns into a story. A picture IS worth a thousand words. or maybe just a couple hundred.

Anyways one of my favorite picture books at my grandpa's house was this book called, "A Day in the life of The Soviet Union". This book is like a 200 page collection of hundreds of pictures taken in Russia/The Soviet Union on a certain day. The editor of this book, Rick Smolan, invited 100 professional photographers and gave out like 100 cameras to children in Russia, and basically sent these photographers all over the country. After receiving the thousands of pictures, he picks and chooses what he likes the best. And the result is a pretty awesome exhibition of Russia documented from before sunrise until the wee hours of the morning. It's pretty tight.

So i was at work today, and I randomly thought about that book and realized that there was a whole series of these books. And i decided to go on amazon to see how much these books would cost. I know the original price was like 50 dollars per book, but i found a bunch of good quality used ones for like $1-$5!! So i bought like 12 of them. hAhahahha but shipping was still expensive so basically i droped like 100 dollars on these stupid books. Anyways, if you photographers ever need inspiration or just wanna see pictures, come over anytime and we can drink tea and eat cheetos and read books or something.
Or we can eat endless meat fest and fill our arteries with samgyubsal fat.

Andrew Park